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Business Tips to Live by…

Behind every successful business owner… there is a tribe of other successful business owners who their her back…

Are you ready to play bigger and to really do some amazing things in your business? If you answered yes then one of the things you need to do is get you a tribe or mastermind of women or men who are ready to inspire, motivate, encourage you as well as hold you accountable and call you out on your stuff when need be.

Check out these business tips from no non-sense business owners who want other business owners to cut through the unnecessary noise in order to win in business! The tips below are powerful if and when you put them into practice. It’s time to kill it in business, create and curate a trill ass tribe of bad business women and/or men and take action.
1. Know the difference between a Coach, Consultant and Strategist.

Coach – helps you hone your skills, understand and evaluate strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve and excel in a certain area.

Consultant – provides expert advice on a particular subject or area

Strategist – sees the bigger picture and not only creates a plan to help you bring that picture into focus but also helps you implement/lay the foundation. ~ Loreal Moss

2. Stick to your policies, standards, and contracts. No matter what/no matter who. ~ Valerie Brown

3. Stop buying tools you don’t know how to use just because people are suggesting them. ~ Loreal Moss

4. Keep your vision in front of you. Distraction will come. You don’t have to do it like everyone else to be successful. ~ Sharlrita Russel DeLoatch

5. Always have business cards on you. ~ Toya Breckenridge

6. Be a pit bull over your time. Dont allow others to waste it and you better not waste it either. YOLO! ~ Sharlrita Russel DeLoatch

7. If you are just starting out doing abc, don’t try to do xyz for that ONE client. All money isn’t good money and if you don’t offer certain services, don’t tie yourself up in a ball trying to do it. It knocks you off course and you’ll be miserable. ~Marlena Levert – Jones

8. When things become too overwhelming and you notice yourself putting more time into the logistics of your business instead your actual brand then it’s time to outsource! Don’t be afraid of hiring a Virtual Assistant or any Assistant for that matter. The time you will save and the peace you will gain will be well worth it in the end! ~ Mia Cooper

9. Proper data management is key. Create a system in the beginning as to how you’d like your business to run (organization charts). ~ Rosanna D. Drumgoole

10. Rejection isn’t always a bad thing! Don’t let it second guess yourself or your worth! ~ Cormeshia Carson Batty

11. Create a hashtag, stick to it, leave a digital footprint. ~ LeAnn Taylor

12.If you’re an inspiring author and want to get your name out there, send your work to as many platforms as you can for review: book clubs, book stores, contests.. etc. Getting feedback is important, keeps your ideals fresh, your vision strong and your marketability high. ~ Tahara Saron

13. Advertising – “We are a great company!” You telling people how great you are. Paid placement.

Public Relations – “They are a great company!” Earned placement. ~ Narcisse James

14. In Business regardless of your entity you should record all financial transactions, check your records DAILY, and make sure you are reconciling your withdrawals, and deposits in your account so discrepancies can be spotted easy. Hire a bookkeeper at least once or twice a year (if you have a small budget) to do audits and ensure your business accounts are ready for tax season… ~ Tammy Housie-Watson

15. Regardless of your income, creating a budget gives your money purpose which allows you to continually bring in more money because when you are mindful of your money, you are less likey to mismanage it. #chaostocash ~ Danielle Dee

16. Don’t just tell people what you do. Make sure you communicate the RESULTS you help your clients get. Example: I’m a business coach vs. I help my clients make more money by turning what they know into products and programs they can sell. Which one sounds more interesting? ~ Tia Goodwin-Kastens

17. Stop putting your hustle above your health. Taking care of yourself will yield you a greater return in all areas of life. ~ Danie Sanchez

18. Save yourself some trouble when you’re ready to hire a team. Before you start hiring get extra clear about what you expect from your new hire, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, train effectively and never be scared to terminate a weak link, even if it is your sister/play cousin. ~ Amber Davis

19. Email your list regularly. Stop being worried about emailing them too much. They signed up because they want your emails. ~ Tyricka Williams

20. Documentation beats conversation. ~ Sharlrita Russel DeLoatch

21. Celebrate every day. Each day you are making a difference and making one more step closer to your dreams. Don’t blow off your hard work. You are a boss chick! Own it, log it and celebrate it! Then you look back and see what a badass you are. ~ Joyel Crawford Persofsky

22. Getting older and growing are not synonymous. Now that you know better do better! Growth requires work. Getting older is universal. ~ Dannie Sanchez

23. Discover as most as you can before you present your offer. Minimize objections through your content marketing strategy. ~ Chanelle Washington

24. Protect your time – Keep your distance from people who are time wasters.

Protect your mind – Stay focused on what matters.

Protect your dream – You may have to make changes now and then, but not give up on what you’ve set out to do. ~ Jessica Rowe

Teanna LaNise is a Branding and Marketing Strategist, the BrandSlayer behind Kreative Eye Design and the Author of The Branding Experience among many other ebooks. Teanna helps Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who can’t figure out how to brand and market their business.

Through her bad ass branding expertise, marketing genius and get it done strategies she’s here to teach, inspire and shake up your approach to creating and marketing a brand you love.

When she’s not using her creative super-powers, you can find her curled up reading a book, at Starbucks enjoying a Carmel Macchiato or spending time with her children.

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