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You've never been fit like this before!

Derrick Dancer, the owner of His Cross Training has  been in pretty good shape his entire life. He was an outstanding track and field sprinter at Pasadena High School in the 1970's. He also comes from a long line of business owners as well, so it should be of no surprise that he has combined the two to start his own fitness company.

​His Cross-Training isn't your average fitness program and Derrick isn't your average trainer. His vision is to equip individuals with Godly authority and ability.  Enabling them to obtain miraculous, maximum, simultaneous results from their pursuit of God’s will for their lives and their desire to be spiritual, mental and physically fit. Derrick wants to change attitudes about fitness and reliance on God (In the process), and to establish “Godly Fitness” through His Cross Training programs and seminars as “The Way” to obtain positive, life changing results.

"It has been my profound pleasure and reward for fifteen plus years now, to have shared with hundreds of people this God inspired, simple and easy, yet highly effective way of obtaining and maintaining," Derrick told the Pasadena Black Pages.

Derrick is one of the vendors at the Recycle Our Dollars Business mixer this Friday, so if you have any interest or questions, come see him.


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