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Mz Suga Sweets & Catering creates a delicious blend of sweet and savory dishes that span all parts of the globe. Relax, and let us cater your next event!

Catina Pollard-Keyes considers herself a food stylist, not just a culinary artist. She was born with the gift of cooking good food, but it took some heartache and hard times for the world of culinary arts to open up to her and change her life.

Even though she started off preparing sweets, her skills are far beyond that as she is prepared to cater any event with any type of food that needs to be served.

If you have any catering needs, give Catina a call. If she's available no event is too small or too big, she s professional, and does her best to work with small and large budgets.

Mz. Suga


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