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Pretty Determined Podcast

Women on a mission. Real life situations and conversations.

Pretty Determined is a podcast hosted by the 3 lovelies Laketta, Teanna & Cathy. Real talk from real women dishing on real life issues, inspiring, and empowering all women to live the very best version of themselves. Tune in to get inspired and connect with real women living life on their own terms. So Girllll! Go grab your Wine, Soda, Water, or Tea! Whateva quinch your thirst, you go ahead and grab that thanggg and tune in for some real life talk and laughter!

Laketta Willis, Beauty Image Strategist
Founder of Makei Beauty Image Consulting

Teanna LaNise, Branding and Marketing Strategy
Founder of Kreative Eye Design

Cathy Williams, Space Strategist & Interior Designer
Founder of Color Me Beautiful Interior Designs

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