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Rock, Paper, CREATE!

I'm just a California girl, that loves creating things. I've always loved cards, and the more I create them, the more I love them. To see a piece of paper go from nothing to something is freakin awesome, right?

A card can bring a smile to anyone's face!

I don't really remember how I got started making cards... I think the first cards I created were Christmas cards for my family because I couldn't afford to buy any.

My first etsy shop was jewelry, but I never really found my niche. My second etsy shop was a paper shop started with my sister. This is my third and final shop and I'm still creating cards, but I'm on my own now and I love it.

The more cards I make, the more I love the whole process of creating them. I love to find new techniques... embossing, heat embossing, die cutting, stamping or just creating in photoshop... I love it all. Creativity is life!

Not a day goes by that I am not thinking about card making. I'm either watching youtube videos to learn a new technique, looking at different stamps or paper, or creating something. I get an idea in my head and off I go...cutting, stamping, embossing, writing or whatever else is needed to create something special. I'm now learning calligraphy so I can incorporate it into my creations.

People pick up a card, and it instantly transports them to a happy place. Have you ever seen someone in the Hallmark store, crying? or laughing? Yeah, me too!

My favorite thing to do is laugh, so I always start there. I also have a sweet personality, with a sometimes raunchy sense of humor. I've also done improv comedy, so my go to cards are usually funny or raunchy cards.

We have become too digital. It's good to take a step back to earlier days and send an "old school" card to someone.


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