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The Bruised but not Broken 30 Affirmation Ebook was created to give everyone who reads it hope. Motivation to start, go through and end the day in a positive mindset.¬†Although life never seems to slow down I believe positive affirming is a great way to keep a good outlook on things. I hope you ENJOY … Remember we are ALL Bruised but definitely not Broken.

In life we all have our ups and downs. Life can take you many places if you are not focused. I went from Inmate to Author. Everyone has a story but not everyone is willing to tell it like it is. We must tell our stories because they will help shape other people and their lives. Please read my story, struggles, setbacks, testimony and transformation.

How much money have you left on the table because of your Branding & Marketing? Do you want to change that?

Your mind is powerful AND it’s also one of the main reasons you aren’t experiencing the results you desire in your life.

In 101 Marketing Ideas I provide you with just that 101 ways to get your brand, products and services in front of your target audience. You can implement all of them right away!

It’s time for you to stop playing around with your and really create something that YOU love and that your clients can’t stop talking about and one they can’t get enough of.

It’s time to start thinking of yourself as a brand. Let’s go!